Mangan’s Supplied Gypsum


Mangan’s Gypsum is an excellent conditioner for improving the structure of hard clay soil and is used extensively as a soil additive and plant food. It increases solubility to ensure fast acting, long lasting results.

Our gypsum is environmentally friendly and can be spread at any time of the year. When applied correctly it does not affect the pH of the soil and is not harmful to humans or animals.

As application rates vary according to the nutrients already present in the soil, we encourage you to speak to our team of specialists who can assist you in your planning.

For further information please call The Mangan Group on (03) 5021 4565 or email


  • Lowers bulk compactness of soil and improves soil composition
  • Increases water penetration and aeration and affords root growth
  • When combined with organics changes hard compact soil and clay into open, workable soil
  • Helps restore the proper calcium, magnesium ratio
  • Reduces subsoil acidity
  • Assists with the control of erosion
  • Assists plants to take in nutrients and regulates heavy metal toxicity
  • When added helps prevent clay particles from clinging to the roots of crops like potatoes, carrots and garlic
  • An economical method to resolve salty soils
  • The calcium in gypsum works as a controller of the balance of the micro nutrients like iron, zinc, manganese and copper in plants