Mangan’s Supplied Manure


Mangan’s are one of regional Australia’s most respected suppliers of certified organic composted cow manure and are recognised for both their professional and efficient service delivery.

An efficient water saver and cost effective form of natural fertiliser, Mangan’s supplied organic cow manure has the unique advantage over other compost products due to the high combination of high levels of organic matter with an excellent level of accessible nutrients that target the plants root zone.

Mangan’s organic composted cow manure improves the soil nutrient cycle, the physical state of the soil leading to an increase in plant growth and yield.


  • Our raw beef manure is different to stockpiled beef manure, ensuring that there is no reduction on moisture and nitrogen content and has the advantage of concentrating other macro and micro nutrients essential for plant growth.
  • Our manure is placed directly into composting rows rather than traditional stockpiles, ensuring that it is kept aerated and decomposition is by aerobic rather than anaerobic processes.
  • Composting concentrates nutrients, reducing reliance on inorganic fertilisers

“I started using Mangan’s organic composted manure in the late ‘80s when I worked out it was the best manure that you can get. It is good honest cow manure that is fully composted and never hot when you get it.”

– Bruce Chalmers, Chalmers Wines Australia


  • Maintains soil structure and stability and increases water filtration
  • Increases yield
  • Proven to assist in developing a superior colour score in the viticulture (Winery Sector)
  • Increases soils organic matter, encouraging natural aeration by encouraging earthworm populations
  • Increases the organic carbon content in the soil profile improving water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Creates improvements to the soils physical and chemical properties
  • A natural slow release nutrient source with holding capacities
  • Attributes to retention of moisture in the root zones of your plants