Mangan’s Stock Feed

US research has shown that the nutritive or energy value of average hulls is equivalent to early and mid bloom lucerne hay and about 70% the value of barley on an energy basis and are an excellent source of digestible fibre and sugars.


Cows love to eat almond hulls! And as any dairyman will tell you, contented cows produce more milk.

Mangan’s almond hulls are an excellent form of feed for dairy and beef cattle, and are used extensively as part of a complete ration within the industry and are available all year round.

They are a safe, palatable feed, that can be fed alone to supply energy and fibre and are able to balance low fibre, high grain or lush pasture intake. They can also be added when making silage as a stretcher and to avoid nutrient run off.


One of the major benefits of almond hulls is the value. In today’s competitive environment almond hulls are: “A cost effective stock feed, generally cheaper per mega joule of energy than alternative stock supplements.”

Mixed 1:1 with barley and fed together with alfalfa, they are used equally alongside the more traditionally feed ingredient and have excellent results and are excellent value as a fed lot ingredient.


Most appropriate uses for almond hulls include:
Rations for livestock
– Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle

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